Monday, 29 June 2009

I've been to....ASDA!

Quite an unlikely place to find beauty products i know but i found some nice stuff.

First is L'Oreal Studio Hot Straight Thermo-Straightening Spray which was on offer at £2 instead of £3.07 or something like that.

I have been using the rest of the Hot Straight range for a while after i saw it was highly recommended in Glamour magazine and i was really impressed with it. I had been meaning to try this spray for a while but everywhere always seems to be out of stock when i look so when i saw this was in stock and on offer i grabbed it. If when i use it i like it i might grab a couple of backups while it's on offer. I'm hoping that it will be up to the same standard as my HG heat protection spray TIGI Catwalk Spritz and Shine as i'm coming to the end of my bottle and it's far too expensive to repurchase but i'm not holding out much hope as the Hot Straight is about a 5th of the Spritz and Shine's price.

There's a full review on the whole Studio Hot Straight range coming up soon.

The other things i got i had always looked at but passed on them due to their price and my lack of money but they are on offer 2 for £5 instead of £2.95 each at the minute so i though why not. They're from the n-spa indulgent fruit range which ASDA stocks and is a blatant rip off of Philosophy's bath products. I smelt them all and decided on Hot Butter Fudge and Chocolate Waffle bath syrups as they smell AMAZING! I haven't used them yet but i might do a review if anyone fancies it.

While i'm on the subject of supermarkets i went to Tesco's to have a look at the Wet and Wild Cosmetics range and was completely disappointed as they had hardly and stuff. I was hoping to find the brow pencil which fafinettex3 had mentioned in one of her videos but they didn't have it. I'll still keep checking though as they might get some more stuff in.

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  1. Asda is great for finding cheap products!Love the blog, come check out mine if you get the chance x