Saturday, 27 June 2009

I've been to LUSH-land!..x

and it smells so great!

So after literally months of avoiding LUSH for lack of money i decided to do a mini stock up as i had a 10% off voucher.

I didn't get much, i tried to limit myself to £10 and i went a little bit over that but I'm glad i didn't go crazy like i normally do! (I'm sure it is an actual impossibility to leave LUSH without something)

I went for my usual of the Comforter Bubble Bar which is my absolute fave product from LUSH as it smells soooo good. I can usually stretch it to 5 uses and still get a decent amount of bubble so i think it's good value for money at £3.87

I also grabbed a You've Been Mangoed Bath Melt as it also smells amazing and although it's a little expensive at £2.69 i thought I'd treat myself.

I then wandered over to the Butter Creams section with all the soaps and i thought I'd give one a try as they looked really appealing on the site and i find LUSH's other soaps too dry. The chocolate one looked really appealing but it was so expensive! I think it was £6 something for a pot whereas i picked up A Ring Of Roses for £3.87 in the same sized pot. I used it tonight and i am bitterly disappointed, i was basically like applying rubbery wax to my skin and it produced no lathering at all. I have the whole pot left and i don't really know what to do with it. Has anyone used this before and can give me any tips? Maybe I'm using it wrong, I'm not sure.

The final thing i picked up was the Sugar Babe Sugar Scrub and I'm so glad that i did! I used it tonight and it's really good but still not too rough on the skin. It was worth every penny at £2.50.

The lady was also nice enough to give me some samples, i got Goth Juice Hair Gel which i will not be using lol. I Love Juice Shampoo which I'm gonna give a go and also a big chunk of Lily something Soap which i will be trying.

I'll let you all know how i get on :)

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