Wednesday, 28 January 2009

MAC Shadestick Swatches..x

Below are some swatches of all the shadesticks i have.
Some have been discontinued now but i thought that i would include them as they're still avaliable at some outlets and stores.
I have seen online that there will be a new generation of shadesticks coming in the next few months with redesigned packaging but i don't know if there will be new colours.
I'm really looking forward to their re-launch as i generally like shadesticks and some new more vibrant colours will be welcome editions to my collection. The new packaging is much better and more appealing than the original so i'm looking forward to them.
Enjoy the swatches and hopefully i will be able to update you on the forthcoming new shadesticks.

Temptalia i could not live without your updates you're amazing! :

Top: Beige-ing
Middle: Gentil Lentil and Sea Me
Bottom: Pink Couture and Sharkskin

Sunday, 25 January 2009

MAC Plushlash Review..x

Photobucket Photobucket
I got the Plushlash in Plushblack in november and it was my first MAC mascara. It was relativly cheap for a mascara considering some of the more expensive ones on the market and how expensive other MAC products can be. Mascaras are supposed to last around 3 months but this did begin clumping slightly after 2 months but not too badly. It still hasn't run out of product now it's just really clumpy which i don't mind as i go through mascaras pretty quickly. It's applicator brush is shaped so that it's short bristles one side and longer bristles the other side which is handy for when you need to get the little lashes in the corner of your eye and the colour is really pigmented and deep black. The packaging is really nice and it's small so you can keep it in your handbag. It lengthens and thickens the lashes but more thickening than lengthening. I would recommend this for both people like me with naturally long lashes and people with shorter lashes. Overall i really liked this mascara and would buy it again.

MAC Haul..x

I went to London yesterday and i managed to get some stuff from MAC. I'm saving majorly for the upcoming launches so i only got a couple of things but i thought i'd do a mini haul and then do reviews later. So here is what i got:

The Prep+Prime Face Protect SPF 50
I previously had the P+P Skin Base Visage and really loved it as it kept my makeup intact all dayand also reduced the amount of breakouts i had but it ran out really quickly. I went to the Convent Garden store to see if they had a Brunette,Blonde and Redhead collection as there were no UK release dates online but they didn't have it so while i was there i asked an assistant about primers. She said that since i bought mine a few months ago they had bought out a new primer especially for combination skin, which is what i am, and that it was the better of the two because it will protect my skin from the sun (even though we never get any in the UK lol). It was a bit more expensive but i decided to try it and it's quite good so far. It's alot thicker in consistency and it doesn't have the little sparkles that the other one had. I haven't had a chance to see if it actually works yet as i only got it yesterday but i will post a review soon. It was £17.62 for 30mls just for reference.

The second thing i got which i had been looking at for a while is the powder blush in "Harmony". I saw lollipop26 wearing it in a haul video on youtube and it was really nice and then i looked up a couple on reviews on and it had really high reviews but i was still unsure. Then i went into Harrods and was having a brouse around when i came to the blushes and saw harmony and had to have it. It's a really nice matte contour colour. I have posted some pics and swatches as it looks really different to all the pics i had seen on the internet. Hopefully you can see the true colour. I will try it with a few looks and post a review soon.

First Post..x

I have decided after hours of sitting reading everyone else's, that I am going to set up my own blog on guess what?.....MAKE-UP!

I love makeup and am constantly looking on youtube and blogspot for new ideas and inspiration.

I'm addicted to MAC as i think it's the best quality make-up on the market but if you ask i may be able to provide some cheaper alternatives.

So more posts to come and i will be uploading all my swatches and reviews so please follow my blog and comment as i'd like to know if people like it.

Kerry x