Sunday, 25 January 2009

MAC Haul..x

I went to London yesterday and i managed to get some stuff from MAC. I'm saving majorly for the upcoming launches so i only got a couple of things but i thought i'd do a mini haul and then do reviews later. So here is what i got:

The Prep+Prime Face Protect SPF 50
I previously had the P+P Skin Base Visage and really loved it as it kept my makeup intact all dayand also reduced the amount of breakouts i had but it ran out really quickly. I went to the Convent Garden store to see if they had a Brunette,Blonde and Redhead collection as there were no UK release dates online but they didn't have it so while i was there i asked an assistant about primers. She said that since i bought mine a few months ago they had bought out a new primer especially for combination skin, which is what i am, and that it was the better of the two because it will protect my skin from the sun (even though we never get any in the UK lol). It was a bit more expensive but i decided to try it and it's quite good so far. It's alot thicker in consistency and it doesn't have the little sparkles that the other one had. I haven't had a chance to see if it actually works yet as i only got it yesterday but i will post a review soon. It was £17.62 for 30mls just for reference.

The second thing i got which i had been looking at for a while is the powder blush in "Harmony". I saw lollipop26 wearing it in a haul video on youtube and it was really nice and then i looked up a couple on reviews on and it had really high reviews but i was still unsure. Then i went into Harrods and was having a brouse around when i came to the blushes and saw harmony and had to have it. It's a really nice matte contour colour. I have posted some pics and swatches as it looks really different to all the pics i had seen on the internet. Hopefully you can see the true colour. I will try it with a few looks and post a review soon.

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