Thursday, 4 June 2009

Victoria Jackson Haul..x

So my mum and me are walking down Guildford high street minding our own business when a woman comes out of WH Smiths and asks if we want £130 of cosmetics for £30.
We went in and the woman introduced us to Victoria Jackson cosmetics (i've never heard of her).
She expained how she's a hollywood makeup artist who has worked on desperate housewives...yada yada yada.
All we paid for was the large palette which was £30 and we got the rest for free!
At first i thought it was a con but my mum bought it and she only wanted one kit and a lipgloss so free stuff for me :)
My mum got the survival kit:
and one of the three lipglosses (the lightest pink one in the picture)
I got the peach palette:
The Harmony mini-palette:
and the two other lipglosses.
Everything seems really nice and the packaging is lush so i'm gonna try them all out and do some reviews.
Has anyone else heard of Victoria Jackson Cosmetics ( or tried any of their products?

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  1. Never heard of these but they look gorgeous. Nice find!!