Thursday, 11 June 2009

Mini Barry M Haul..x

So i have been waiting for ages for the new Barry M lip paints to be released in stores, ever since i saw the collection info on other blogs.

I know they were released on the website a little while ago but I'm cheap and didn't want to pay for postage lol so i waited until they were in store.

My local Superdrug only had two of them but larger stores may have them all, I'm going to check my local Boots too next week.

It turns out the two they had were two of the three i wanted so i grabbed them quick!

I got 146 and 147, Dolly Pink and Peachy Pink. The only other one i have my eye on is the 145, Punky Pink as the 144, Cerise Pink looks too dark for me on the site but I'll check it out in store.

Peachy pink is a little disappointing to me if I'm honest. It's quite dry, but nowhere near as dry as the 101. The colour is beautiful though and i like to pair it with a clear gloss so that you don't mask the lush colour. The 147 is a lot creamier and more cool toned. My mum tried it and because she's more tanned than me it looked a bit strange whereas on pale old me it looked a lot more subtle. The pigmentation is good so you need a light hand to apply it with. If you'd like any more info or reviews on any products just let me know in the comments.

Below I've posted some pics and swatches, I'll also include a couple of pics of my tiny lip paint collection for colour comparison.

With Flash - Left: 147 Right: 146

Without Flash - Left: 147 Right: 146
With Flash - From left to right: 100,147,146,140,129,101

Without Flash - Order same as before
Swatches: (i'm sorry about the quality, my camera is a little temperamental)

Left to right: 147,146,129,100,140,101
Left to right: 147,146,129,100,140,101


  1. I saw your post on "Cupcakes and Cherries" page for the contest and just had to tell you that I also had a strawberry mark when I was born too! Mine was on my left wrist and it was really big too. The doctor told my mom it would eventually fade away, but I'm still left with 10 little red dots on my wrist!

  2. I really like the look of 147- it's a pity the texture sounds not so great though. thanks for the swatches & reviews!

  3. @em - i've been persistent with the 147, using it over the last couple of days and once it's used a little it starts to smooth out. I still couldn't wear it without a gloss though as it's quite matte xx