Sunday, 5 July 2009

I Love Presents :)

I'm hardly ever ill so when i do get ill my mum always buys me a present out of the blue.
Last time she bought be a me to you bear but i think i may love this present even more because it'sexactly the sort of thing i looooooove!

We have a farmers market where i live on the first sunday of every month and it was on today, guess what my mum got me?

Bath Bombs!

She said that they had a massive stall with lodes of freshly made products like Lush but a bit cheaper.

They're so much prettier and smell better than Lush's ones and came in this beautiful packaging, all i could keep saying was omg omg thankyou thankyou!

They come in a box of 6 for £6.50

I will definately have to check this stall out next month.


  1. Aw what a great present! They all look divine! xx

  2. i want, i want! looks so pretty! x