Sunday, 15 March 2009


So i got tagged by lipgloss86 to do this and i tag anyone who reads this :)

What’s your favourite eye shadow colour to wear? Deep Truth by MAC, everytime i wear it i just feel all glammed up. I do love the combo of Brule,Cork and Romp for a more natural look though.

What’s the one product you wouldn’t leave your house without? Some sort of lipgloss,lipstick or lipbalm as my lips get really dried out and sore and a mirror for any touch ups. I hate it when you're makeup's smudged and nobody tells you :(

What’s your favourite makeup look – high drama OR natural? High drama, i don't really do natural very well. I do like to mix the two though for a dramatic look using neutral colours.

Which feature do you play up the most? Mainly my eyes

Which feature do you try to downplay/cover up? My lips as i usually go for a neutral lip

Your favourite makeup brand, if you could pick only ONE to exist? MAC everytime although i do like GOSH as a cheaper alternative.

Which product have you re-purchased OVER and OVER again? Clinique Pore Minimiser, MAC Primer, MAC Liquid Liner and MAC Eye Kohl in Smoulder

Which product would you NEVER repurchase again and why? Anything by Benefit, you pay for the cute packaging.

One beauty treatment you would always PAY to have done? Nothing really as i prefer shaving to waxing and plucking my brows to waxing. I might have to start having my upper lip waxed though cos plucking it hurts too much :(

One beauty treatment you would NEVER pay to have done? My brows cos the last time i had them waxed the lady messed them up and did them to short so i looked wierd for a while lol

One beauty trick you can share with everyone? Get Tweezerman tweezers, it doesn't hurt so much with them and they're more precise

Best advice you've ever been given regarding beauty and makeup? Always use and eye base for shadow. Simple i know but effective :)

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