Sunday, 8 March 2009

New Makeup Storage and Organisation..x

So for a while now I've been fed up with how i store my makeup as it was taking up too much room on my shelves and i had to rummage through all my makeup bags to find what i wanted.
I'd been watching alot of organisation and storage videos on YouTube and they all had these plastic draws with separators inside and i thought that would be perfect.

So i went to Homebase with my parents a couple of days ago to get some plants (even though my mum always manages to kill them lol) and they had a 4 drawer storage unit and my mum was like we're gonna get this for your makeup and i was like yay! :)

Here's a pic of it, it's on special offer for 10 days at Homebase, £13.00 instead of £29.99

It's exactly the same one as mine except mine's black.
The drawers are a little deep which is my only complaint as I'd have preferred shallower but more drawers.
So here's my makeup storage and organisation now:
I keep my makeup remover, day cream, night gel, brushes, MAC shadow palette and my Playboy makeup bag with all my liners, glosses, mascaras, etc that i use everyday in it on my shelf so that it's easy to get to in a rush.
I also keep my white Lancome vanity case that i got as a free gift on my shelf. It holds all my makeup that i never use but can't bare to throw away.
This is my storage unit which keeps all my makeup/perfume/hair stuff. On top i keep my GHD straighteners and brush on a heatproof mat.
This is the first drawer, in here is basically all of the rest of my makeup.
At the front is my Fix+, foundation and primer.
In the right hand front corner is a small tub full of loose shadows,pigment and pigment samples, paintpots and eye primers, etc.
In the left hand front corner is a small tub full of lippies and glosses which i'm not using much at the moment.
In the back left hand corner is a plastic tub full of beauty powders and MSFs.
Next to that is a tub full of blushes. I also keep my MSF natural and concealer in there.
In the back right hand corner is a makeup bag full of small palettes and shadesticks.
Next to that is my bobbypin palette.
In the middle is cotton tips, OPI polishes that i'm always using, a holiday palette, my hair bands and clips and my 182 brush.
In the little red bag is my nail clippers and tweezers etc.
In the second drawer is all my hairstuff and spare makeup bags.
The third is my backups of stuff and unused perfumes.
Finally is my nailpolishes and more hair stuff.
By the way, in my backup drawer the HK packaging is just packaging, not backups, i keep the packaging a while incase i have to take any of it back.
I've been using empty fruit containers to separate my makeup drawer but i do need some more.
They basically free and are so good for organising so that's just my little tip.
I'd love to hear your opinions.

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  1. What a lovely make up collection!! Your storage is great now (even better that you got a good offer at homebase!). Very organised too. I love it!!