Monday, 16 March 2009


So i was ill last week and got soooo bored being off school that i decided to organise my makeup again lol.

I'm still using the same storage unit and vanity case from the previous posts but i've found a better way of separating things within the drawers themselves.

I've started using plastic fruit containers (below) which is really effective and also free as you don't have to buy anything....and it's also recycling so yay me lol :P

I just thought i'd do an updated post to show you what i did. I took photos but they're too big to fit on the blog page so click the links and they come up full size. I know i can make them smaller but then you can't see anything.

My GHDs are still on a heatproof mat ontop of the unit and this is what's left on my shelf, it's all labled as the pics bad quality (sorry)...

Right, onto the first drawer. I managed to get hold of two large containers, a medium sized one and a small one for bits and bobs. This is really my face and lip drawer so they're easy to get to.

The second drawer i have split into two parts. At the back there's a shoe box filled with spare cotton pads and buds and also my hair clips for straightening and some slides.
At the front i have a medium sized container with all my shadesticks, liners and mascaras. I also have two small boxed containers which were supposed to hold cotton buds and i keep all sorts of things in there for my eyes. It's all labled apart from i left out that on the left side at the front i keep my bobbypin shadow palette.

In the thrid drawer i still keep my backups and unused perfumes but now i also keep all the hair prodcucts that i own.

The bottom drawer is just filled with rubbish really, much as before.

So i hope you liked this little update, be sure to leave some comments if you have some advice or questions.

Bye xxx

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