Monday, 2 February 2009

Upcoming MAC Collections..x

Eeee i so can't wait for all the new collections!

Recently MAC have started to release their collections a month after the US instead of 2 weeks after which is really annoying but hey, i'll get used to it and it gives me more time to save up :)

I thought i'd do a post on all their upcoming collections so that they're all in one place and i thought i'd share what i wanted from each collection, even though my wishlist gradually gets longer lol.

All the info is from Specktra.Net or Temptalia so full credit to them, i'm not trying to rip anyone off.

First i'll list all the collections, their US release dates and what we can expect from them and then right at the bottom of the post i'll put my wishlist. Please bare in mind that the UK release date could be upto a month after the US date.

So here goes.....

Creme Team: 5th Feb 09
A collection of lipsticks,lipglasses and liners. It will feature new cremesheen glasses and cremestick liners.

Well Defined: 5th Feb 09
Also known as the studio sculpt collection it will introduce a new line of foundations and concealers.

Hello Kitty: 12th Feb 09
A limited edition colabiration line from hello kitty. It will feature softer colours in the mild kitty half and more vibrant colours in the other wild kitty half. A Kitty Kouture line will follow a few days later made up of higher end cosmetics. There will also be an accessories line to go with this collection.

Grand Duos: 12th March 09
A collection of blush duos with one side in solid colour and the other with a veined colour running through it.

SugarSweet: 19th March 09
A collection of eyeshadows, shadesticks, lipsticks, tri-coloured lipglasses,MSF's and nail polishes all within the theme of sugary goodness.

Colour Ready: 2nd April 09
This collection is based around priming the face and then applying colour to it so it will feature not only a new line of primers but also some shadows and lipsticks.

A Rose Romance: 23rd April 09
Not much is known about this collection as of yet but it's said to be having a vintage feel to it. I will update when i know more.

Double Dazzle: 30th April 09
Again not much known yet apart from that it will feature dazzle glasses and mascara. I will update soon.

Style Warriors: 28th May 09
Will revolve around animal prints which will be reflected in the packaging. Not all the info is known yet so i will be updating.

Naked Honey: 11 June 09
A collection revolving around honey which will feature body and makeup products. It will have lipglasses,eyeshadows,high-light powder,fragrances,body wash and cream and skin-slave.

Electroflash Anniversary: 9th July
Not much is know yet but there is speculation that it will be a revamp of last years electroflash collection.

My wishlist:
-Fashion Scoop Cremeglass
-Partial Pink Cremeglass
-Melt in your mouth Cremeglass
-Petit Indulgence Cremeglass
Well Defined:
Nothing, i'm gonna pass on this collection
Hello Kitty:
-Nice Kitty Lipglass
-Mimmy Lipglass
-Cutester Lipstick
-Tippy Blush
-Brush Collection
Grand Duos:
-Moon River Blush
-Love Rock Blush
-188 Brush
-Refined MSF
-Perfect Topping MSF
-Just Dessert Lipglass
-Penny Shadestick
-Red Velvet Shadestick
-Dear Cupcake Eyeshadow
-Aquavert Eyeshadow
Colour Ready:
-Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone
Rose Romance, Electroflash Anniversary & Double Dazzle:
-nothing so far as i don't have any info
Style Warriors:
Not much info so far but it do want:
-Eversun Beauty Powder Blush
-Solar Riche Bronzer
Naked Honey:
-Highligh Powder in Honey Light
-Queen B Lipglass

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