Tuesday, 10 February 2009

MAC Rambling and Haul Info..x

Hi guys my MAC order finally came :)
I'm really happy with them...especially the lipglass.

I've taken all the photos and swatches of them but my computer is being annoying and not wanting to recognise my camera when i plug it in so i'll have to use my laptop instead.

They might be coming in a seperate post tonight as i have a spare 45 mins until shameless starts lol :P

Anyways Hello Kitty got release today in the US and i had a sneak peak on the site and it all looks amazing. I think the only real way to get a look at the stuff is from other people's blogs and youtube hauls cos the swatches on the MAC site tend to be a little off.

So yeah....I'm off but look out for a post of all my piccies!!!

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