Thursday, 19 February 2009

MAC Hello Kitty Collection Wishlist Updated..x

So I've been having a think about what I'm going to get from the new MAC Hello Kitty Collection.

I overspent on what i had drafted up originally for all the upcoming collections that i knew about as i got two MSFs from the BBR collection as Redhead was just too beautiful to pass on and Cremeteam came out earlier than I'd expected so that reduced my budget also.

I also ran out of primer which i didn't count on and went to the CCO at Portsmouth so my pocket is feeling a little empty for Hello Kitty.

Taking the amount of cash i will have into consideration and also what i now know i can get cheaper at my CCO I've drafted up a new wish list just for Hello Kitty but it will probably change as I'm very indecisive lol.

So here it is, note that i didn't take any of the photos myself they're all from Ebay as you can see the true colours. Feel free to give me your opinions and if you have any recommendations please leave a comment :)

Mimmy Lipglass:
This is one of the only products which i knew that i wanted right from the very first promo pictures. It's such a gorgeous colour and one that i would wear all the time as i don't really bother too much with my lips and tend to focus on my eyes much more.

Nice Kitty Lipglass:
I loved this lipglass in the promo pics but decided it was a little too bright for me but then when i saw lip swatches i decided that it it was just too nice to pass on. I'm hoping that the colour won't be as intense on my lips as it is in the tube but if it is i can always tone it down by pairing it with another gloss.

Strayin' Lipstick:
When i saw the promo pics this colour didn't really stand out for me as it looked really bright and i was going to get Cutester instead but i saw some lip swatches online and decided that Cutester was just too neutral and this colour is beautiful! I'll probably tone it down a little with some neutral gloss though to make it more wearable. I'm actually going to trade in my six containers for Back To MAC for this lipstick so it's going to be free anyways lol.

Pink Fish Tinted Lip Conditioner (TLC):
I was going to completely pass on the TLCs as i don't really like using my fingers to apply lip stuff as it can get all messy and i thought that it wouldn't be very pigmented but I've seen swatches and reviews which say that the TLCs are actually the most pigmented lip product of the whole collection. After reading the reviews, seeing swatches and then seeing the packaging which is just the cutest thing ever i was completely sold lol. I've decided to get Pink Fish instead of Popster as it's more of a baby pink and so more me, Popster was a little too bright.

Tahitian Sand/Pretty Baby Beauty Powder:
I took one look at the packaging and that was it! I'm definitely getting one of these but only one. The only thing is, i can't decide what shade as they're both so pretty. I'm leaning more towards Pretty Baby because i love pink so much but i thought that maybe Tahitian Sand might mix up some of the colours i use a bit more. The more i look the more I'm sold on pretty baby :)

Fun and Games Beauty Powder Blush:
Okay so this is the one part of the collection which I'm completely undecided about. I was originally gonna get Tippy blush but I've seen some reviews online which say it's exactly like Fashion Frenzy from the Fafi collection and Pink Swoon, i have both of those so I'm gonna pass.
Fun and Games isn't exactly a completely individual shade, i mean i could find dupes everywhere but the packaging is so cute! I keep telling myself to resist but if i have some spare cash it will most probably go on this.
I was going to get the brush collection for sure but I've had a revelation and decided against it. I have the face brush set from the Heirlooms collection and the eye set from Adoring Charmaine and they are pretty good brushes if you're not that into makeup. Recently they've all been molting...a lot and it's so annoying when you're trying to get your makeup right and you have lodes of big black hairs all over your face! Going to my CCO i saw that the brushes were about £10 cheaper than normal so instead of wasting my money on a new set of SE brushes I'm gonna save up for the full sized ones as they're much better, even though the Hello Kitty brush holder is just the cutest thing ever lol! :)

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