Wednesday, 4 February 2009

MAC Mini-Haul..x

Just ordered my stuff from MAC Brunette,Blonde and Redhead collection and Cremeteam which both came out in the UK a little earlier than i'd expected but MAC do that sometimes. The BBR collection was due out tomorrow but it came out a day early and Cremeteam's release date was supposed to be after the US release but we got it the same time which is all really good :)

I got two out of the three things i wanted from BBR which were the Blonde and Redhead MSF's but not the Brunette one as although i am a brunette it's too dark for my skin. I didn't get the lipglass i wanted from the BBR collection which was 'Lived and Dyed' as the MSF worked out much more expensive due to the poor exchange rate at the moment and it also affected my budget for the Cremeteam collection as doing my sums i just wouldn't have had enough for the Hello Kitty collection which i'm really looking forward to. i did want a few cremesheen glasses from Cremesheen but i only ended up getting one which was 'Petite Indulgence' as i thought it was the most beautiful colour in the collection.

I will do swatches and product photos when my order arrives which i'm hoping will be friday but if not monday as MAC don't deliver saturdays unless you pay extra :(
The whole order actually came to £49.92...8p short of the standard free delivery amount you have to spend but i didn't want anything else so i used my code which was 'SURVEY4' which i got when i did a survey for MAC but it's only one per customer.
That is the most expensive order with so little pieces i have ever made with MAC as last year i got a lipglass and blush from the Manish Aurora collection and a Lipstick and Beauty Powder from Emanuel Ungaro and that only came to £51 something so a bit dissapointed that the MSF's were £18.60 each and the cremesheen glass was £12.72 but i can deal with that as it's a little bigger than an ordinary lipglass so i don't mind paying a little more but in my opinion, the MSF's were way overpriced, hopefully i won't be dissapointed with the results.
The pictures below are all courtesy of Specktra.Net

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