Monday, 13 April 2009

Just A Little Haul For You...x

Refined MSF - £17.13 from MAC

So when i first found out about MAC's Sugarsweet collection, which was a while ago, i was so excited and made a huge list of what i was gonna get but when i saw the products in person, none of them seemed that special. I had originally planned to get both MSFs as they looked really different but when i swatched them in the store they looked almost identical and so i decided on Refined instead of Perfect Topping as it's warmer on my skintone. It's alot less shimmery than the other MSFs i have (New Vegas,Blonde and Brunette) and the particles are smaller and so give a nice warm glow without being too OTT. It's pure highlighter but it's probably my favourite one.
Chloe 50ml Perfume - Price ranges from size of bottle (£35 to around £65)
I had been wanting this one for a while, everytime i smell it on someone i just melt. The bottle is just the cutest little thing ever but yet is so sophisticated, exactly like the fragrance itself. This has now become my staple scent and i wear it in the day, everyday.

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  1. Cute haul. I love MSFs and that perfume looks so lovely. ♥