Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Combined Haul..x

I was looking around my laptop and i realised that i hadn't uploaded all my haul pictures.
These are from March and April.

101 and 100 False Light Natural Light

129 False Light

Barry M Lip Paints in 100 (Baby Pink),101 (Marshmellow) and 129 (Palest Lavender)
I had always looked at these in Superdrug but always passed on them as, because they're so cheap, i though they would be really low quality. I had my student discount so tried 129 first and i was so supprised by how creamy it was so i tried two more. The 100 is beautiful with gloss but too dry on its own and the 101 is really good for a strong nude lip with clear gloss.

I used to do a facemask once a week religiously but i stopped and now i'm getting back into it again. The chocolate is irresistable. I also picked up dark chocolate and peppermint lip butter at the counter and now wish i hadn't. It's good for moisturising but the smell and taste is sooo overpowering.

I needed a new MAC MSF Natural (in medium) and i had some spare money so decided to go ahead and get one.

I love these No7 eye brushes. They're so cheap and Boots are always giving out vouchers so that they only end up costing about 60p. Whenever they have those vouchers i stock up. Good quality brushes for 60p!

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